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About Aurora D'Amico


Aurora D’Amico is an Italian singer-songwriter born in Palermo, Italy in 1993. She writes, plays and sings her own stories, and her music can really touch your heart. Under the influence of American and English songwriters (Norah Jones, Lucy Rose, John Mayer, Ben Howard, etc.) Aurora recorded her first EP Barefoot in England and released it in Italy in 2016.

A year after that, she was back in the studio recording her first LP So Many Things, as a 800A Records artist (Alessio Bondì, Fabrizio Cammarata, etc.). Her music is a canvass of memories, thoughts, and hopes, written in different countries – Italy, England, USA and on planes in between.

Acoustic vibes, simple harmonies, and contemporary sounds merge all together and they bring up different aspects of Aurora’s personality – from a fragile human being, to a powerful guitar player. People say “Aurora is a veteran in the body of a young lady. Her beauty flows in the notes she sings and the chords she plays, beyond the fact that she is an amazing performer.”

Aurora’s collaborations include, U.S. Embassy House Band, World Press Photo, Farm Cultural Park, Berklee Online.


  • Fender guitar, December 2016
  • G7th The Capo Company, February 2017
Aurora’s Songs


Oceans Between Us Out Now!